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‘I don’t normally do animals,’ says Andy, ‘but this idea bit me hard and deep and wouldn’t let go. I don’t know what age-group it’s for – anyone with a heart, I suppose…and anyone who knows – or fears - that love drives you mad.’

The story follows eleven-year-old Tom Lipman, who’s been given a mongrel puppy as a prize for getting into a high-performing school. They bond, at once, and the whole future seems rosey. Alas, there are soon misunderstandings, for both characters share the most terrible insecurity, which drives them apart. DOG becomes an odyssey. It’s a long, dangerous journey, full of hope. ‘It’s fueled by yearning,’ says Andy. ‘At the root of the novel is the horror that we might have lost the most precious thing we had. What will we do to get it back? – how far will we go?’

DOG is published in the Autumn of 2017 by Pushkin. The editor is Sarah Odedina.

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A screenplay for…

It takes a long time to get a film off the ground, even of a book as enthralling (and award winning) as Sally Gardner’s classic. At last, the script has been commissioned, and Rook’s Nest is at the helm. ‘Maggot Moon’ tells the story of Standish Treadwell – a remarkable David, facing the most hideous Goliath. ‘It’s a story about friendship,’ says Andy. ‘It’s a wild mixture of dystopia, fantasy and horrible reality, and at its heart are two boys who refuse to be beaten. I’m trying to do it justice – trying to keep the screenplay as real as the book. It’s a privilege to have been chosen to work on it.’

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School Drama

SCHOOL DRAMA aired in 2016 and was a Goldhawk Production for Radio 4. Three 45 minute episodes followed the fortunes of a maverick theatre-director (played by Tom Hollander), who attempts to mount a production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in a modern academy. The production is soon mired in difficulties. The series was shortlisted for the Best Radio Series Award, and was popular and controversial enough to feature on both ‘Pick of the Week’ and ‘Feedback’.

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Two and a half years in the writing, “Liquidator!” is out. Another high-octane thriller featuring children with jaw-dropping courage and determination…this one will leave you breathless. To read all about it click here




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