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‘I don’t normally do animals,’ says Andy, ‘but this idea bit me hard and deep and wouldn’t let go. I don’t know what age-group it’s for – anyone with a heart, I suppose…and anyone who knows – or fears - that love drives you mad.’

The story follows eleven-year-old Tom Lipman, who’s been given a mongrel puppy as a prize for getting into a high-performing school. They bond, at once, and the whole future seems rosey. Alas, there are soon misunderstandings, for both characters share the most terrible insecurity, which drives them apart. DOG becomes an odyssey. It’s a long, dangerous journey, full of hope. ‘It’s fueled by yearning,’ says Andy. ‘At the root of the novel is the horror that we might have lost the most precious thing we had. What will we do to get it back? – how far will we go?’

DOG is published in the Autumn of 2017 by Pushkin. The editor is Sarah Odedina.

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